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A New Journey – The Me Made Wardrobe

I have just recently finished my first knitting project in a very long time (about 9 years!) And somehow, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of me-made fashion. I’ve been searching up patterns, researching materials, listening to knitting podcasts. The idea of creating your own wardrobe exactly how you’d like it to be is very enticing.

bright colorful striped knit scarf made from Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Happy yarn
Recently Completed Scarf

Me Made?

What is “Me-Made” clothing? From what I gather through social media, it’s anything you’ve sewn or knitted for yourself. You can take it so far as to herd your own sheep, spin your own yarn, weave your own cloth, etc. While I find that fascinating, those activities are definitely beyond the scope of what I can take on.

But Why?

The Fit, The Colors, The Fibers

I am super picky. I’m also “short” and “curvy” (according to clothing manufacturers). So, clothes shopping can be SUPER frustrating for me. Like most people, my closet is full of things that I don’t REALLY love, but I gotta wear something, right?

I’m also pretty concerned about the micro plastic problems I keep reading about that come from man-made fibers used in a lot of clothing these days. I’d like to experiment more with natural fibers. Plus I get concerned about terrible labor practices, pesticides in farming, etc. There’s no shortage of things to be concerned about.

I know this is a makeup blog, and it might seem like that promotes unnecessary consumerism, but I always hope that my swatches will help people choose the right product the first time and in that way prevent them from buying more than they want or need to.

My Skills

My knitting and sewing skills are not at all up to the task of completing this journey. But….I can learn, right? I like learning new things, so that will be a fun part for me. So when I post about my projects, it will be more of a follow-along-my-journey type post rather than a this-is-how-you-should-do-it post. I’m not an expert!

The socks I knitted about 10 years ago might LOOK impressive in these pictures, but trust me, there are LOT of mistakes you can’t see in this photo.

The first, and only, pair of socks I knitted 10 years ago.

The Timeline

This is a super long project. Multi-years. Actually more of a mindset and habit shift. Having serious time limitations such as a day job, family, and dogs, I expect to not really make much progress until a few years have passed. The scarf I made took me about two months. At that rate, I would only do 6 projects a year.

So, I hope at least some of my readers enjoy following along this journey. I want to use this blog to document projects.

I don’t want to or plan to completely abandon my makeup content, but I’m currently struggling to fit in everything I want to do in the hours I have available. I still have so many beauty products I haven’t gotten a chance to swatch and post about! I even have a ton of draft posts that I’m still trying to finish up and post for you guys. I’m sure my passion for each topic will come and go a bit, just know that there is still more makeup content coming. Both topics are fashion related though! Wouldn’t you agree? Maybe this is a “fashion” blog. LOL.

My Next Project

I’ve started working on a summer top with 3/4 length sleeves knit out of linen yarn. Here is a photo of the swatch I made of the yarn. Knitting has swatches just like makeup, isn’t that awesome!? My goal is to do a post for each completed project detailing my experience and process with the garment. I do wish I had taken better pictures and notes from my previous projects all those many years ago.

This will become my next knitting project – a breezy 3/4 sleeve top made from linen yarn.
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  • ghekate

    I applaud you for deciding to make your own clothes. It’s one of those things I would love to do in theory, but I don’t have enough patience for. My shoddily sewn clothing for my stuffed animals are proof of that. haha.

    • stefsedge

      That’s so cute that you made clothes for your stuffed animals! I agree it’s an exercise in patience and persistence, just finishing the scarf showed me that! I still have to buy clothes though, I just did a spring closet clean out and I don’t have much to wear. So I’ve been online shopping, which is its own kind of frustrating, I know I’ll have to return a bunch of stuff after I try it on.

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