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A guide on where to buy single eyeshadows in magnetic pans. I have not purchased from every single one of these sites (but I hope to do so eventually….for review purposes!!!! 😉 )

Brand Sites that offer single eyeshadow pans:

  • Adept cosmetics -Square Pans, 72 shades to choose from. Offers shadows in the finish types of matte, shimmer, and diamond (toppers with shimmer micro glitters). Priced at $4-$6 each. This brand also offers a selection of magnetic palettes that are pretty popular. Link:
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills– Standard round pans. On the expensive side at $12 each, but some shades are available in-store at retailers Ulta and Sephora. Available in 66 shades and 8 finishes—including Ultra-Matte, Metallic, Satin, Duo Chrome, Titanium, Shimmer, Sparkle and Velvet. Watch for sales that bring the price down to a more reasonable level. I would consider their shade offering to be pretty basic with lots of neutrals, especially warm neutrals. Link:
  • Beauty Escape Cosmetics – about 90 shades available. Price range is from $5.50 to $12.50. Lots of special shades in finishes matte satin, duochrome, metallic, and chamelion super color shifters. Link:
  • Clionadh Cosmetics – Famous for their Stained Glass multichrome collection (small rectangle pans). Regarded as very high quality, ranging in price from C$10C to C$25 (which is currently about $7.30 to $18.40 US Dollars) depending on the formula (glitter, iridescent, vibrant, etc). Also has a range of standard round pans for their matte, shimmer/metallic, and duochrome shades (prices range from $$6.50-C$7.50). Based in Canada. Link:
  • Coastal Scents – popular for their inexpensive Hot Pots which go on sale for $1-$2 each. Regular price is $2.95 each. Link:
  • Coloured Raine – 54 Shades currently available, priced at $6.99 each. Finishes include foil, matte, metallic, some vegan options. Cruelty Free, Made in USA, Black Owned Makeup Brand. Link:
  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows – Offers the finishes matte, metallic, duochrome, and glitter (chunky). Priced at $4.50 each.
  • Cozzette Beauty – 66 shades available in the finishes matte, velvet, and crystal. Priced at $13 each. The crystal finish looks unique, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Link:
  • Devinah Cosmetics – Approximately 70 matte shades and tons of shimmer/sparkly/duochrome/multichrome. Prices range from $5-$10 depending on the finish. Link:
  • Emme Cosmetics – 85 shades available, priced at $5.89 USD (site has a feature to choose your currenty). Range includes mattes, satins, shimmers, duochromes (31), multichrome (only 3), eye safe pressed glitters (some biodegradable), Based in Canada – Link:
  • Give Me Glow – 111 shades available, mostly matte or metallic/foiled finish, some duochromes. Large 37mm pan size. Link:
  • Inglot – Over 200 shades available in finishes AMC shine, AMC, matte, pearl, DS, and creamy pigment. Square pans priced at $8 each. – Link to their USA website:
  • JDGlow – Famous for their “Galaxy Shadows”. Large pan size. 63 shades available in the finishes matte, metallon, shimmer, and galaxy. The brand also offers unique lines of glitters, HD crystals, and eyeliners. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Link:
  • Kylie Cosmetics – 70 shades to choose from, priced at $7 each. I haven’t heard much about these from eyeshadow enthusiasts except that they are rumored to be made in the same lab as Colourpop. Link:
  • Lethal Cosmetics – Made in Berlin (Germany) and 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Brand launched in 2017. 78 shades available for $6-$7 each. Link:
  • MAC – The Pro Palette Refill Pans are $7 each (118 shades available). Dazzle Shadow Refill Pans are $9 each (10 shades available). Be warned that the pans are not magnetic, but I believe they come with a magnet glued to the back of the pan. A little awkward, but it works out. Link:
  • Looxi Beauty – 96 shades available for $3 each. Available in finishes matte, shimmer, aurora, metallic. One of the more affordable independent brands to try. Link:
  • Makeup Geek – These have been very popular for many years in their round pan format. Recently re-branded to square pans with rounded edges. 70 shades available, prices range from $5.49 to $7.99 each. Finishes are matte (60), shimmer (only 1), and foiled (9). They used to have some great duochromes, I hope they expand the line to include those again! Link:
  • Makeup Forever – Can be purchased through Priced at $17 each. Like Urban Decay pricing, this is not a very economical option – however you do get a break on pricing if you buy them in sets of 2, 3, 4, or 6. Best deal is 6 for $59. 95 colors available on Sephora’s website. 121 shades available on the brand’s website. Link:
  • Menagerie Cosmetics – Square pans priced at $5-$7 each. 64 shades available in matte, metallic, tri-foil, and a nice range of pastels. Link:
  • Morphe – 37 shades available, $2.50 – $6 each. Link:
  • Nabla – Based in Italy. Some shades available at Link: 59 shades available, prices are in Euros. Priced at 6-10 Euros each. Mattes, shimmers, and duochromes. Large pan size. Link:
  • Neve Cosmetics – Based in Italy, 126 shades available, some interesting duochromes. Priced in Euros at 5.8-6.8 Euros each. Link:
  • Sephora Collection – Sephora offers their own house brand of single eyeshadows. Several of the shades are available to see in their retail stores, but not all of them. Available in finishes matte, shimmer, metallic, and glitter. 83 shades available, priced at $9 each. Link:
  • Sydney Grace – Incredible range of matte/shimmer/metallic shades.  I counte 212 shade options (which doesn’t include their cream shadows). I do wish they offered more in the way of sparkly, duochrome, and multichrome,  but maybe those are coming soon. Link:
  • Terra Moons Cosmetics – Regular eyeshadow range contains 66 shades in matte, shimmer, duochrome, and satin, priced at $5-$8 each. Special shade ranges include Cosmic Chameleons, Iridescent Chameleons, Pastel Chamelions, and Extreme Multichromes. Prices on the special shades are $13-$17 each depending on the finish. Link:
  • Touch of Glam Beauty – They sell their products using an Etsy shop. Lots of shifty duochrome shades, unique imprints, and “tie-dye” pan designs. Prices range from about $5-$15 each. Link:
  • Ulta Brand – 40 shades available, priced at $8.50 each. Like the Sephora and Urban Decay brand, each shadow comes with excessive plastic/magnetic packaging that you won’t need when storing your shadows in larger magnetic palettes. However, it is nice that these are accessible in physical Ulta store locations. Link:
  • Urban Decay – Available in person/online at retailers Ulta and Sephora. Barely worth mentioning on this list because they’re priced at $20 each (and not because they have fancy, innovative finishes like Clionadh mentioned above). They come in fancy packaging (which I don’t appreciate since I prefer to store in magnetic palettes). Sometimes these go on sale, I’ve seen Ulta do a few 50% off sales during 21 days of beauty events. Link:

Sites that have a BYOP (Build Your Own Palette Feature):

Sites are only included in this list if you get a price discount and free empty palette when you create/purchase your custom palette. Some of the sites above offer a custom palette feature, but the price per shadow is not reduced.

Special Mentions

These sites have a limited range of single shadows.

  • Shroud Cosmetics – 22 shades available, matte, “Cosmic Crush” (has “super intense reflect sparkle”, shimmer, and metallic finishes. Priced at $6-$7.50. All products are 100% vegan and made in USA. Link:
  • Sugar Pill – 19 shades available, 36mm pans priced at $10 each. Finishes are matte, metallic, and foiled, colors are vibrant. Link:
  • Tarte Cosmetics – Offers a line of 22 shades called “Tarteist Metallic Shadows”. Priced at $14 each, only available on Tarte website (used to also be sold through Sephora). I purchased two of these (taupes) and thought the quality was really nice. They’re currently on sale for $6 which makes me wonder if they’re being discontinued. They come out of their packaging easily with no messy depotting required. Link:

Let me know if there is a brand or site that I can add to this list!

This page last updated July 5, 2020

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