Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Eyeshadow palette – swatches and thoughts

My first Huda Beauty palette!!! The Rose Quartz collection launched November 1st, 2021.

The Rose Quartz eyeshadow palette retails for $67, and can be purchased from Sephora (link here) or Huda Beauty directly (link here).

I generally love 18 pan palettes for the variety they give you, and I do tend to lean towards cooler tones, especially in the winter. So, this release really piqued my interest.

Up Close Product Photos

I’m sharing lots of product and packaging photos for this palette – Huda Beauty truly knocked it out of the park with the packaging. This could be the prettiest palette packaging I’ve ever seen. They clearly went the extra mile with layering textures and colors in the plastic casing. It’s truly beautiful. I am seriously impressed!

Huda Rose quartz eyeshadow palette - front cover

Here’s what’s inside, swipe through the photo gallery to see so many gratuitous photos of this eyeshadow palette.

The back of the palette has some inspirational text in multiple languages:

Huda Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette, back of the palette
Back of the palette

The back of the carboard box is where the ingredients are listed:

Huda Rose Quartz eyeshadow palette packaging  - back of the cardboard box


Swipe through the photo gallery to see the swatches in different angles and different lighting conditions. I’m not sure I did these shadows justice.

Compared to Other Palettes

I really don’t have a lot of palettes with a similar color story! So these comparison swatches just represent the closest I could get.

Retro Palette vs Rose Quartz Palette

Retro Palette by Natasha Denona and the Rose Quartz palette by Huda Beauty are two recent releases that might seem a bit similar with their focus on mauves/pinks. Let’s take a closer look to see which shades match up.

The Retro palette retails for $65 and can be purchased from Sephora (link here) or directly from Natasha Denona’s website (link here)

Natasha Denona Retro Palette vs Huda Beauty Rose Quartz palette - open palette view
Huda Beauty Rose Quartz palette vs Natasha Denona Retro Eyeshadow palette - swatches on fair pale light skin
Palette vs Palette swatches

Colourpop Off Melrose vs Rose Quartz Palette

Colourpop Off Melrose palette retails for $18 and can be purchased at Colourpop.com (link here) or Ulta.com (link here).

Colourpop Off Melrose Palette vs Huda Rose Quartz palette
Off Melrose (left) vs Rose Quartz (right)

Below: the Moon Magic shade from Rose Quartz and Fairfax shade from Off Melrose are the red/blue duochrome, they are pretty close! The one in Rose Quartz is shinier and more reflective. Off Melrose brings in that bronze element that Rose Quartz doesn’t have, and Rose Quartz gives you a lot more icy pink/blue shimmers.

Colourpop Off Melrose Palette vs Huda Rose Quartz palette - swatches
Palette vs Palette swatches

Single Shadow Comparisons

Blissful Dupes

Blissful is one of the most stunning shades from the Rose Quartz palette – so I checked my collection for similar shades and possible dupes. I found Solstice from Urban Decay to be the closest. I love how my dogs showed up for the swatching action in this photo! LOL. Elmer’s expression is priceless.

Swatches - Blissful from the Huda Rose Quartz palette, Unexpected by JD Glow, Solstice by Urban Decay, Carving by Clionadh, Bloodline by Clionadh

Moon Magic Dupes

Below: I don’t have a lot of sparkly purple shimmers, Abrasion from Clionadh was the only shade I had that I thought might be comparable to Cosmic Love or Moon Magic. Clearly Abrasion is a lot warmer and plummier.

Eyeshadow swatches - Cosmic Love from Huda Rose Quartz Palette, Abrasion from Clionadh, Moon Magic from Huda Rose Quartz palette

Energized Dupes

I recently added the Moonlight Caviar stick by Laura Mercier to my makeup collection. It reminded me a lot of the metallic finish of Energized from the Huda Rose Quartz palette (see swatch picture below). The Energized shade is slightly pinker. The Moonlight Caviar Stick is a lot longer wearing though, the Energized shade wore off my hand after awhile but Moonlight dries down to a no-budge finish.

Energized from Huda Rose Quartz palette swatched duped Moonlight Caviar Stick by Laura Mercier

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Huda Rose Quartz Eyeshadow palette - front cover and inside picture of pans by Stefs Edge

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