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Tartelette Energy Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

This post features swatches of the new Tartelette Energy eyeshadow palette. I’m getting the swatches up now, and when I have a bit more experience with the palette, I’ll add more of a review section. I don’t have much to say about the formula now except that it feels and swatches very similar to other Tartelette palettes that I have tried which is a formula that I personally enjoy.

Tartelette Energy Palette open showing the inside pans. Photo by Stefs Edge


The shade Motivate is the sparkliest, but it’s still pretty tame compared to other sparkles on the market these days. It’s easier to see in motion, so check out my Instagram posts on this palette if you’d like to see video swatches.

The purple shade (Chill) has a black base that is fairly visible.

Tartelette Energy palette swatches on light/fair/pale skin
Swatched in the Shade
Tartelette Energy palette swatches, sunlight, on fair/light/pale skin
Swatches in Sunlight
Sunlight, Alternate Angle

A little bit closer now

These are taken a little bit closer up to show you textures better.


The palette includes a really nice mirror and the packaging is sturdy. The Tartelette packaging holds up really well to daily use and travel. The front cover design is a super pretty gold, pink, and cream marbled design. The gold parts are reflective. This is one of my favorite palette cover designs I’ve seen from Tarte.

Front cover of Tartelette Energy palette
Front cover of Tartelette Energy palette

Also the PANS ARE MAGNETIC! You can lift the pans out of the palette with a somewhat strong magnet. This is really exciting if you have other Tartelette palettes because you can mix and match the shades to make custom palettes. Note that super old Tartelette palettes are not magnetic, the first Tartelette In Bloom palette I purchased 5+ years ago had the pans get glued in place.

Tartelette Energy palette showing magnetic pans can lift out

Ingredients are listed on the back of the cardboard box outer packaging:

Tartelette Energy Eyeshadow palette ingredients list

Compared to Other Similar Palettes

Let me know if you want to see any of these swatched side by side!

Tarte Eyeshadow palettes collection: Tartelette In Bloom (top left), Tartelette Juicy (top right), and Tartelette Energy (bottom center)
Tartelette In Bloom (top left), Tartelette Juicy (top right), and Tartelette Energy (bottom center)

I searched my stash for other palettes with similar plum and gold/bronze vibes. I didn’t have a ton. But I think that will change soon…pretty sure I’m going to pick up the Natasha Denona My Dream palette, and I’m still heavily considering the Huda Empowered palette as well. Both have color stories that are similar enough to be interesting comparisons for Tartelette Energy.

Tartelette Energy compared to other palettes with similar color story: Tartelette Energy (top left), Bobbi Brown Nude Drama II (top right), and Huda Desert Dusk (bottom)
Tartelette Energy (top left), Bobbi Brown Nude Drama II (top right), and Huda Desert Dusk (bottom)

Where to Buy

I purchased this online at Ulta, it retails for $42. I’m wondering if it will also come to Sephora and other retailers soon.

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  • ghekate

    Seeing the palette swatched on your arm looks a lot more dynamic in the shades. And the pans being magnetic is a nice touch! Tarte’s outer packaging is always so pretty. It would be nice to be able to put all favorite shades now and in the future into whichever palette ends up being a customer’s favorite. Plus taking only a few shadows in a smaller custom palette for travel.

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