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JD Glow Swatches (Galaxy and Shimmer)

Photo and video swatches of my four JD Glow eyeshadows. These come in larger pans, but the quality is very nice. They will not fit in neatly in your “standard” size 26mm pan rows/columns in your magnetic palettes. So you have to be ok with a less organized look, build a palette full of similarly sized 37mm pans, or depot them yourself into standard size pans. Henny and Molten have a beautiful smooth finish – those colors will certainly get more use in the fall.

Unexpected is very special and certainly worth trying. It has a translucent duochrome quality with sparkles that are pretty large but not quite full-on glitter. I highly recommend that shade for something unique to add to your eyeshadow collection.

Link to JD Glow’s website where the shadows can be purchased:



JD Glow Swatches: Unexpected (Galaxy), Fairy Acid (Galaxy), Henny (Shimmer), Molten (Shimmer).
JD Glow Video Swatches: Unexpected (Galaxy), Fairy Acid (Galaxy), Henny (Shimmer), Molten (Shimmer). Video swatch allows you to see the way the shadows shift and reflect in the light when in motion.

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