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Naked Ultraviolet Palette: Duping the Vibes

This new release from Urban Decay strikes me as a very appealing color story. But also very dupable. At lease from the eyshadow shades I tend to buy. See swatches below of single shadow “dupes” for shades in the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet palette. Note that I do not own this palette, so I am going off of their promo images to provide these suggestions. Also, the Makeup Geek shades are from the discontinued round pan lineup; I don’t have any of the new square shades, but I do intend to get some soon. Check your stash to see if you already have similar shades!

Seeing if I can dupe a new release is one of my favorite things about single shadows! Every time a new palette launches with a new color story, you can just rearrange what you have into the inspiring new color story instead of purchasing a whole new palette!

Dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet palette using single shadows from my collection. Shop your stash!

Shades shown: Ringer (Colourpop), Lay Low (Colourpop), Heart 2Heart (Colourpop), Mr. Sandman (Colourpop), Labyrinth (Colourpop), Aquarius (Looxi), Earthshine (Colourpop), Cater 2U (Colourpop), Masquerade (Makeup Geek), Duperstar (Looxi), Mesmerized (Makeup Geek), Grunge (Makeup Geek).

I had tons of purple shades in my collection, so I feel I was able to get pretty good matches to each shade. The light orange/peach shades are very on-trend right now, and I really didn’t feel I had good matches. I’ve been looking at that type of shade in multiple brands of single shadows, and it’s not that easy to find. It looks like a pastel orange, like an orange sherbet or orange creamsicle, different from a peach shade because there’s less red/pink. I’m still on the hunt!

Promo images from Urban Decay’s website. Shown for reference and comparison purposes. (Visit Urban Decay’s website )
Promo images from Urban Decay’s website. Shown for reference and comparison purposes (Visit Urban Decay’s website )
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