Review – Manuka Honey Gel Cream by Earth to Skin

I’m rather intrigued by this brand (Earth to Skin), so I think you’ll see a few more reviews from me over the next several months (it takes so long to trial skin care products). In this post, I’ll review a moisturizer that they’re calling “Manuka Day Gel Cream” in their “Honey” line of products. I previously reviewed their Tea Time Black Tea Night Cream in this post.

I suspect that this product is intended to be a dupe for the Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer sold at Sephora. I haven’t tried anything from that line because of the high price, but I have been interested in them for quite some time. Compared to products I have actually tried before, the texture of this moisturizer reminds me most of Clinique Moisture Surge. If you enjoy the texture of that product, then I’d say you’ll enjoy the Manuka Day Gel Cream.

Close up texture of Earth to Skin Honey Manuka Day Gel Cream

Here are images of four sides of the box so you can see all the claims they make about the product as well as potentially recognize the package on the shelf of your local Walmart if you are interested in trying this product. Anything claiming to be natural and simple will definitely catch my attention. This brand has nailed it with the packaging on all their products.

Four sides of box - Earth to Skin - Honey , Manuka Day Gel Cream
Four sides of the product box packaging.

Ingredient Comparison

Skin care ingredients are so tricky. For example, the Farmacy Honey Drop also contains fragrance, but is marked “clean at Sephora”. The Clinique Moisture Surge says it’s fragrance free, but is not marked clean at Sephora and has added dyes in the ingredient list.

I made a table showing the top 15 ingredients for each product. Clearly you need to be a chemist to fully understand these lists. I tried to color code ingredients that seemed same/similar. So, I’m not really giving advice here on which ingredients are better or worse for you because I really do not know. I just like to make charts and tables.

Dupe for Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer - Ingredient List Comparison - Clinique Moisture Surge - Earth to Skin Honey Manuka Gel Day Cream


I’m quite pleased with the performance of this product, I’ve been using it as a morning moisturizer after vitamin C serum and before applying makeup. It’s certainly lightweight. At first I wasn’t sure if it was moisturizing enough for my skin, but I think it’s a good weight for summer. I am also quite pleased with the price/value – $8.94 for four ounces is a good price, even for the drugstore. The fragrance is completely unnecessary. I can live with it, but don’t find it enhances the experience for me. I think I’m getting used to it. I still can’t understand why brands don’t just make everything fragrance free.

Earth to Skin Honey Manuka Day Gel Cream

Currently this product is only sold at Walmart.

Link to purchase Manuka Day Gel Cream at

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  • ghekate

    I really like the Farmacy Moisturizer (I only get them in the deluxe/travel sizes when they’re part of sets) so I’m very intrigued by this possible dupe! I also tend to like moisturizers with royal jelly, so I wonder how much of a difference the royal jelly and propolis makes between this one and the one from Farmacy. Maybe I’ll try the Earth to Skin sometime! And since you mentioned the Black Tea cream, I’m also curious to see if it compares to the Fresh Black Tea Cream (which I’ve only had as samples).

    • stefsedge

      You’re probably right about the Earth to Skin Black Tea cream being a copy of Fresh Black Tea Cream!

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