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Milani Lipstick Swatches- Color Statement

Swatches of the Milani Color Statement lipstick from their regular, Bold, and Matte lines. Milani makes some of my favorite drugstore lipstick. I really enjoy the formula as well as the price! The Color Statement and Color Statement Matte line retail for $5.99 each and the Bold Color Statement Matte retail for $6.99 each.

Miliani color statement lipsticks

Swatches and Shades

These swatches are organized so that the creme (regular) formula is on top/right, except for one matte shade I didn’t have room for on the bottom. The bottom/left row is a mix of the Color Statement Matte and Bold Matte formulas. Where you see an “M.” in the shade name, that is an abbreviation for “Matte”.

These are just some of the shades available, check out the Milani website to see all the shade options. I’d like to keep adding shades to my collection to give you more complete swatches, but these are the ones I have for now.

Milani Color Statement lipstick swatches, reglar cream formula, matte, and bold matte on fair/light/pale skin. Shades: 09 Pink Frost, 26 Nude Creme, 27 Dulce Caramelo, 55 Bahama Beige, 84 Honey Rose, 110 No Curfew, 29 Teddy Bare, 17 Plumrose, 42 Rose Femme, 74 Matte Darling, 62 Matte Blissful, 60 Matte Innocense, 03 I am Awesome, 61 Matte Naked, 69 Matte Beauty, 77 Matte Tender, 12 I Am Radiant, 04 I Am Smart, 80 Matte Dreamy, 01 I Am Fabulous, 68 Matte Iconic

Top/Right Row

  • 09 Pink Frost – Color Statement
  • 26 Nude Creme – Color Statement
  • 27 Dulce Caramelo – Color Statement – has some frost/shimmer but not near as much as Pink Frost
  • 55 Bahama Beige – Color Statement
  • 84 Honey Rose – Color Statement
  • 25 Naturally Chic – Color Statement
  • 110 No Curfew – this is a matte from the Ludicrous Matte Lip Crayon line, retails for $8.99
  • 29 Teddy Bare – Color Statement
  • 17 Plumrose – Color Statement
  • 42 Rose Femme – Color Statement

Bottom/Left Row

  • 74 Matte Darling – Color Statement Matte
  • 62 Matte Blissful – Color Statement Matte
  • 60 Matte Innocence – Color Statement Matte
  • 03 I Am Awesome – Bold Color Statement Matte
  • 61 Matte Naked – Color Statement Matte
  • 69 Matte Beauty – Color Statement Matte
  • 77 Matte Tender – Color Statement Matte
  • 12 I Am Radiant – Bold Color Statement Matte
  • 04 I Am Smart – Bold Color Statement Matte
  • 80 Matte Dreamy – Color Statement Matte
  • 01 I Am Fabulous – Bold Color Statement Matte
  • 68 Matte Iconic – Color Statement Matte

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