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Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush Swatches

Colourpop recently launched 18 new shades of their pressed powder blush making 20 shades available in the line-up. This post includes swatches of all 20 shades plus give you some review info on this product.

Things I love about this launch that moved this product to the top of my must-swatch list:

  • Affordable price point ($10 pan only, $12 in compact, $5.83 in the 6 for $35 BYOP).
  • Super wide range of shades from very light to very deep
  • Lots of brown-ish neutrals
  • Available in pan- only form to reduce plastic packaging waste
  • Cruelty free
  • Product appears to be “permanent” instead of a fleetingly available, limited edition release.

The build your own cheek palette isn’t super easy to find on their site, but you can find it here

Product Photos

Photo of all the pans labeled with shade name:

Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush Swatches in Magnetic Pans: shades shown: No Rules, Swirled, To The 10, Why Hello, Out & About, Roxbury Dr, Big Reveal, Prairie Air, Flamingo, Sassy Pants, Shortbread, Papaya, Staycation, Pitaya, New To U, Pretty Toasty, Just Cruisin, Full Throttle, Icing On Top, Latte Run

Shade Description

Alphabetical Order. Includes Colourpop’s brand description along with any observations I have in brackets [ ] to clarify or disagree with their description. If all that is listed is the brand description, then that means I feel it is an accurate description. And y’all know I hate “nude” as a color description.

  • Big Reveal – Warm hot pink. Matte. Vegan.
  • Flamingo – Bright pastel baby pink. Matte. Vegan.
  • Full Throttle – Warm blackberry. Matte. Vegan.
  • Icing On Top – Rich burgundy. Matte. Vegan.
  • Just Cruisin’ – Deep rosy terracotta. Matte. Vegan.
  • Latte Run – Rich, warm-toned chocolate. Matte. Vegan.
  • New to U – Mid toned rosy pink. Matte. Vegan.
  • No Rules – Warm nude. Matte. Vegan [Light Peach]
  • Out & About – Soft pinky nude. Matte. Vegan. [Light Pinkish Brown]
  • Papaya – Bright pinky coral. Matte. Vegan.
  • Pitaya – Cool toned plummy pink. Matte. Vegan.
  • Prairie Air – True baby pink. Matte. Vegan.
  • Pretty Toasty – Peachy terracotta. Matte. Vegan. [Mid/Deep Orange]
  • Roxbury Dr – Bright pastel peachy coral. Matte. Vegan. [Pastel/Neon Orange. Canteloupe]
  • Sassy Pants – Soft cool pink [Mauve]. Matte. Vegan.
  • Shortbread – Neutral peach. Matte. Vegan. [Mid toned muted orange]
  • Staycation – Bright pinky red. Matte. Vegan. [Nearly neon pink. Hot pink/magenta]
  • Swirled – Matte pink [light neutral pink]. Matte. Vegan.
  • To The 10 – Neutral warm pink. Matte. Vegan. [Light/Medium Peachy Pink]
  • Why Hello – Soft peachy pink. Matte. Vegan. [Light Peachy Pink]

Swatch Photos

Colourpop Pressed Powder Blushes swatched in sunlight on fair/light/pale skin. Colors swatched: Why Hello, To The 10, No Rules, Roxbury Dr, Staycation, Prairie Air, Pitaya, Sassy Pants, Just Cruisin
Full Throttle, Swirled, Out & About, Shortbread, Pretty Toasty, Papaya
Big Reveal, Flamingo, New To U, 
Icing On Top, Latte Run
Bright Sunlight
Colourpop Pressed Powder Blushes swatched in fluorescent studio light on fair/light/pale skin. Colors swatched: Why Hello, To The 10, No Rules, Roxbury Dr, Staycation, Prairie Air, Pitaya, Sassy Pants, Just Cruisin
Full Throttle, Swirled, Out & About, Shortbread, Pretty Toasty, Papaya
Big Reveal, Flamingo, New To U, 
Icing On Top, Latte Run
Studio Light


For those of you interested in reducing packaging waste, I am going to show how the product came packaged. Definitely a company can change their packaging at any time, but overall I’d say this was a low-waste stituation.

The outer mailer appeared to be recyclable. I tore it a little bit and saw that it was stuffed with shredded paper. I removed the plastic tape and put in recycle bin. There was no recycle marking anywhere on it, so hopefully it can be recycled. At least it wasn’t plastic.

Colour Pop paper mailer packaging stuffing

For some reason Colourpop only allowed one magnetic palette per order, so I had to place three separate orders to get the best pricing. I really don’t need all these magnetic palettes though since I already have quite a few. Somehow I was able to remove the magnetic palette from one order, so I only received two empty palettes. So maybe there is a way to get the BYOP pricing without actually ordering an empty palette too?

The ordering was kind of a fiasco because I was trying to quickly order these on my phone at launch. I was worried that some shades would sell out, and I really wanted to have all the shades for the blog. If I had been at home, I might have tried to call Colourpop and tell them I wanted one of each shade and no palettes to see if they would still give me the best pricing. Somehow I still missed a shade in my initial order (I thought I counted carefully) and had to place another order when I got back home from Spring Break. But anyway….I finally got them all together.

The magnetic palettes came in a plastic protective sleeve, my grocery store accepts plastic bags for recycling. So I will add these to my plastic bag pile for next grocery day.

Colourpop pressed powder blush packaging cardboard sleeve

Each blush pan came in a cardboard sleeve with a cutout that showed the shade name. No plastic here. Yay! Into the recycle bin.

There was a paper packaging slip in each order.

When I placed a second order for the one last shade I forgot in my first order, the Super Shock Blushes in the order were in a bit of bubble wrap.

Colourpop Pressed Powder Blush pans, all colors, scattered on background with  empty magnetic palettes.

Formula Review

I’ve been testing out some shades that are most suited to my skin tone. I’m finding this formula to be very nice. It’s buildable, not overly pigmented, which makes it easier to work with. All the shades are matte, but they are not TOO matte and do not appear chalky. Lasting power throughout the day has been very good for me.

Ready to pick your shades? Check out the Build Your Own Cheek Palette feature on!

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