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Hourglass Blush Swatches

These are the four Hourglass Cosmetics blushes I currently own. There are a few more I’d love to try!

Except for Mood Exposure, these all have a bit of sparkle (fine glitter) that isn’t coming through in these swatch photos.

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Hourglass blush comparison: Euphoric Fusion, Brilliant Nude, Diffused Heat, Mood Exposure
Hourglass blush swatches: Brilliant Nude, Mood Exposure, Euphoric Fusion, Diffused Heat
Hourglass blush swatches: Brilliant Nude, Mood Exposure, Euphoric Fusion, Diffused Heat
Blush swatches: Nars Sin, Hourglass Mood Exposure, Euphoric Fusion, Nars Mata Hari

The photo above compares blushes that have a mauve/purple tone.

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  • Lili

    Hi! I didn’t realize you have a blog too! I’ve been looking through and it’s really great! I’m curious if you depotted the Hourglass blushes or did they get loose from the compacts?

    • stefsedge

      Hi! I did depot them! I used one of those long handled lighters to melt the plastic compact behind the “pan”. Hold the mirror portion of the compact to keep your fingers away from the flame. Definitely do this outside and try not to breathe fumes. When the plastic is semi melted you can use something like a knife to push the pan out. These products are on clay tiles and not actually in pans, but I have had success attaching magnet stickers to the back (like the ones that come with Z Palettes), and keeping them in magnetic palettes. Thank you for the kind words on my blog! I’m going to work on adding more content this year.

      • Lili

        Oh wow! I wondered how you were able to do that without ruining them. I figured prying the sides wouldn’t work (or was too risky). I see now! Thank you for the detailed explanation!

        • stefsedge

          You’re welcome! I’ll try to figure out how to make a video next time I do it. I get that question a lot!

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