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Clinique Nude Pop Blush – Swatch and Review

I’ve been trying a few different subtle blushes lately since I’ve been enjoying more creativity with my eyeshadow. Also it’s spring in the Midwest, so my skin is very fair and only a touch of color is needed on the cheeks before I start looking a bit clownish. I finally purchased Clinique Nude Pop after years of hearing everyone rave about it and having it sit on my wish list.

Flatlay of Clinique Nude Pop blush, Hourglass Brilliant Nude Blush, and Milani Rosa Romantica Blush
Clinique Nude Pop blush (left), Hourglass Brilliant Nude blush (top), Milani Rosa Romantica blush (bottom)

I will say it is a very nice blush and lives up to the hype. The formula is lovely and has a satin, skin-like quality that I look for in a blush. I don’t like it when a blush is TOO matte since I find that can come across as chalky. You can see in the finger tip swatches that Nude Pop has a smoother texture compared to Briliant Nude (which has some small glitter/sparkle particles) and Rosa Romantica (which has a moderate metallic sheen). Brilliant nude can also come across as a bit too golden/orange on my skin tone.

Fingertip swatches of Hourglass Brilliant Nude Blush, Clinique Nude Pop blush, and Milani Rosa Romantica baked blush

In the arm swatches (below) you get a better sense of the actual color shade and depth for each blush. Nude Pop is the pinkest and darkest.

Blush Swatches - Brilliant Nude, Nude Pop, Rosa Romantica on fair/pale/very light skin tone

Clinique Nude Pop retails for $26 and is available at many retailers. Link to purchase Nude Pop Blush at Ulta.

I also own Clinique Fig Pop. While I really love the shade of Fig Pop, it’s easy to overdo the application on fair skin. The picture below compares Nude Pop to Fig Pop as well as a couple Milani blushes (Luminoso and Petal Primavera). Luminoso can be a bit too orange for me but Petal Primavera is a huge favorite of mine.

Blush Swatches on fair skin - Clinique Nude Pop, Milani Luminoso, Clinique Fig Pop, and Milani Petal Primavera.

You can find more swatches of Hourglass Brilliant Nude in my post Hourglass Blush Swatches.

Overall, I definitely recommend the Clinique Blush Pops. Their formula is very smooth and skin like without being shimmery or sparkly at all. If you see a shade in their line up that you like, I think you’ll be really pleased. The price of $26 is also very fair for a mid- to high-end blush.

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