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Favorite Lipsticks – Spring 2021

I swatched every lipstick in my purse during a several hour period where I was waiting for my daughter to take the SAT’s. If they’re in my purse, that means they’re a current favorite! Obviously I had more fun than she did! Nars Bahama is new to my collection (picked up during the Sephora Sale) and I don’t think I’ve swatched Laura Mercier Beige Intime for you guys before either. I did split the swatches into a more cool/mauve tone, and then into more of a warm/muted red tone.

Bobbi Brown Italian Rose is also new to me, it was a free gift with purchase recently, but now I don’t see it in this formula (nourishing lip) on their website, but I see they have an Italian Rose in their Crushed Lip Color Formula.

Nars Bahama is swatched in both photos because I thought it could belong in either. I’m pleased that this color isn’t too brown or orange on my, it’s very flattering.

Also, this is maybe an insane number of lipsticks to keep in your hand bag. What can I say? I grab a lipstick on my way out the door some mornings and then it just ends up staying in my purse. Do you do that too?

what's in my handbag - favorite lipsticks 2021
New faves that I keep with me! Laura Mercier Beige Intime, Bobbi Brown Italian Rose, Nars Bahama
Lipstick swatches: Revlon Smokey Rose, Milani Matte Naked, Smashbox Audition, Nars Bad Girl, Bobbi Brown Italian Rose, and Nars Bahama swatched on fair skin.
Neutral toned lipstick swatches – favorites from my hand bag
Mauve lipstick swatches on fair pale skin: Tarte Festival, Tart Salt Lyfe, Laura Mercier Beige Intime, Tart Set Sail, Nars Bahama, Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria
Cool/Mauve toned every day lipstick swatches. Very Victoria is the sheerest.

I picked up a few more lipsticks that I would say are like a dark coral or burnt orange/red color theme. I hope to swatch those and publish soon. They’ll probably appear on my Instagram first, so follow me there @stefsedge.

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