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Milani vs Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks – Swatches and Dupes

Milani Cosmetics makes some of my favorite drugstore lipstick formulas. So naturally I have purchased a whole bunch of lipsticks from their line. And I’ve also recently been adding quite a few Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks to my makeup arsenal (the obsession is real!). It dawned on me that it would be super fun and super helpful to swatch the two lipstick ranges side by side to see where the similarities and differences are! Let’s see if we can find any dupes.

Milani vs Charlotte Tilbury lipstick swatches on fair/pale/light skin: Kim KW, Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect, In Love With Olivia, JK Magic, Pillow Talk, Very Victoria, MI Kiss (Bond Girl), Glowing Jen, Walk of No Shame, Gracefully Pink, Stoned Rose, Red Carpet Red, Everlasting Kiss, Supersize Me.
Milani vs Charlotte Tilbury lipstick swatches


Very Victoria (Charlotte Tilbury) and Matte Naked (Milani) – this is a spot-on dupe. I’ve heard lots of other beauty experts cite Matte Naked as a dupe, and I completely agree. I wear both of these lipsticks very frequently, and I love them both. Links: Very Victoria, $34 and Matte Naked, $5.99.

Gracefully Pink (Charlotte Tilbury) and Matte Tender (Milani) – dupes! Links: Gracefully Pink, $34 and Matte Tender, $5.99

MI Kiss (Bond Girl) and Passion (Milani) – so close! I’ll have to do more testing on this pair. Links: M.I. Kiss, $34 and Passion, #440 from the Color Fetish Nude line, $8.99

Pillow Talk (Charlotte Tilbury) and I Am Smart (Milani) – super close! I Am Smart is just a hair darker. Links: Pillow Talk, $34 and I Am Smart, from Bold Color Statement Matte line, $6.99

Walk of No Shame (Charlotte Tilbury) and Matte Dreamy (Milani) – also incredibly close! Berry Rose matte shades. Links: Walk of No Shame, $34 and Matte Dreamy $5.99

Closer Look

Charlotte Tilbury dupe swatches lipsticks vs milani In Love With Olivia, JK Magic, Pillow talk, Very Victoria, MI Kiss, Bond girl, Milani Naturally Chic 25, Dulce Caramelo 27, I Am Smart 04, Pleasure 410, Matte Naked 61, Passion 440
A closer look at the lighter shades
Milani vs Charlotte tilbury lipstick swatches dupes. Shades Pleasure 440, Matte Naked 61, Passion 440, Teddy Bare 29, Matte Dreamy 80, Matte Tender 77, Matte Beauty 69, Pillow Talk, Very Victoria, MI Kiss/Bond Girl, Glowing Jen, Walk of No Shame, Gracefully Pink, Stoned Rose, Red Carpet Red
A closer look at the deeper shades


Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks come in two formulas: Matte Revolution and K.I.S.S.I.N.G. (She also has a few sheer/balm/gloss type formulas, but we’re just discussing her standard bullet lipsticks here). Note that the very last two Charlotte swatches shown are other formulas – Everlasting Kiss is the Superstar Lips formula which is sheer and Supersize Me is a lip liner (“Lip Cheat”).

Milani offers a few formulas as well: Color Fetish Nude (newest, bumpy color packaging to match shade), Color Statement Lipstick (gold packaging), Bold Color Statement Matte (black packaging), and Color Statement Matte (gold packaging).

I find Milani’s Matte formula (especially the Color Statement Matte) to be very close to Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution.

The Milani NON-matte formulas are not as glossy as Charlotte’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formula which is VERY glossy/shiny. Still worth comparing the shades though! I find these to be a very nice, comfortable formula as well.


Milani Cosmetics is a brand widely available in the United States that can be found in person at stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS, and Ulta. I’ve also purchased directly from the Milani website and had good experiences, they will do sales and promotions that can definitely be worth participating in!

Charlotte Tilbury is a higher end luxury brand that is available in person at Sephora and Nordstrom in the United States. You can also purchase directly from their website, and they will also have exclusive products, sales, and promotions that are available only on their website.

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I hope this post is super helpful! I’m super excited to do more brand range comparison swatches like this, so let me know in the comments what brands you’d like to see compared!

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