Fresco Blush by Laura Mercier – Swatch and Review

I picked up the Laura Mercier Blush Color Infusion in shade Fresco during the Sephora Spring Savings Event this year (VIB sale). This blush has been on my wish list for a very, very long time. I though it might be a perfect nude brown with a bit of sheen.

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Here are the swatches along with other nude/neutral blushes that I thought would be worth comparing:

Nude/Neutral blush swatches on fair/light/pale skin: Laura Mercier Fresco, Clinique Nude Pop, Essence Bespoke, Lancome Miel Glace, Hourglass Brilliant Nude, Nars Tempted, Nars Madly, Nars Lovejoy, Nars Savage
  1. Fresco by Laura Mercier, $32 at Ulta and Sephora
  2. Nude Pop by Clinique, $26.50 at Ulta and Sephora
  3. Bespoke by Essence, $3.99 at Ulta and Essence
  4. Miel Glace by Lancome, $33 at Ulta and Nordstrom
  5. Brilliant Nude by Hourglass, $43 at Ulta and Hourglass
  6. Tempted by Nars, $32 at Nordstrom and Sephora
  7. Madly by Nars (discontinued)
  8. Lovejoy by Nars (maybe discontinued, $21 for refill pan at Nars)
  9. Savage by Nars, $32 at Ulta and Sephora

The color tone is slightly more orange than I thought it would be, so I’m still making up my mind about how I feel. For reference, my foundation shades are Estee Lauder Double Wear 1W1, Revlon Buff, etc, generally fair-neutral-warm/yellow. So I don’t believe that all skin tones will experience this the same. I might prefer this blush more in late summer when my skin is a bit more golden. As I’m writing this at the end of spring, I’m at the peak of my annual pale-ness. It is what it is, ya know?

Fresco is less shimmery than Essence Bespoke (pictured above) although they look very similar in the swatches.

Laura Mercier Fresco blush swatch on fair/pale/light skin
Larger, blended swatch of Laura Mercier Fresco

I did search for swatches online before I purchased, but it was difficult to find swatches on people who I thought were my exact same skin tone. I’m sure you’ve all experienced the struggle.

The texture of the blush is not matte, but it is powdery with more kick-up than I am used to from blush products. There is a sheen but also a bit of silver sparkle flecks running throughout the product which is a bit odd to me. Most of these glitters do not transfer to the skin once the product is blended out, but some of them do. In my opinion these glitter flecks are unnecessary and maybe undesirable.

Laura Mercier Fresco Blush close up, powdery texture

This blush does wear well throughout the day. So no complaints there.

Note that you do get a generous amount of product. Fresco has 6g compared to Nars Tempted at 4.8g, Hourglass Brilliant Nude at 4.2g, Clinique Nude Pop at 3.5g, and Essence Bespoke at 5g. So that’s nice!

If you’ve tried this blush, let me know what you think in the comments!

Where to Purchase

Fresco Color Infusion Blush, $34 at Laura Mercier *AFFIL*

Fresco Color Infusion Blush, $34 at Sephora

Fresco Color Infusion Blush, $34 at Ulta

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  • ghekate

    I’m not a fan of random flecks of glitter in blushes either. By the way, I have a mini deluxe sample of a different shade of blush from Laura Mercier. It took quite a bit of building up to show on me, but I couldn’t tell if it was because the formula is a sheer-buildable type or if it’s purely because the shade was just slightly too light for me. What would you say is the pigmentation level of these blushes? I’m guessing there could also be a difference in how hard to sample is pressed versus the full size product.

    • stefsedge

      I’m not sure how to describe the pigmentation, I think it’s very pigmented but it seems to have an opaque base that could show up as chalky on a deeper skin tone. I would guess that Bespoke, Savage, and maybe Tempted would perform best on deeper skin tones out of this bunch I swatched.

      • ghekate

        Ah okay thank you! The shade that I have is Rose. I guess the LM range just isn’t for me except perhaps the shade Sangria, but that one has shimmer. Thank you for helping me solve that mystery! haha.

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