Our 2020 Christmas Tree and Home Decor

Update for 2021 Holiday Season

(Updated October 23, 2021) Pottery Barn has these gorgeous ornaments again this year! Here are some links to help you find them at Pottery Barn’s website:

Mercury Glass Adorned Ornaments Set of 6, Red, $39.50 – 3 inch diameter

Mercury Glass Adorned Ornaments Set of 6, Silver, $39.50 – 3 inch diameter

Jumbo Red – Oversized Mercury Glass Ornament – Red, $19.50

Jumbo Silver – Oversized Mercury Glass Ornaments – Silver, $19.50

Pottery Barn Mercury Glass adorned ornaments, vintage look, dark red, set of six.
Dark red mercury glass, new to our collection for 2020, from

For the past few years, I’ve let myself splurge on some nicer holiday decorations each year. This year I bought dark red mercury glass ornaments from Pottery Barn. They had these last year, and I wanted them then, so when I saw them return for 2020, I knew I had to order them! I bought 18 regular size and 12 giant size.

Oversized Mercury Glass Christms Ornament Finial from Pottery Barn
The larger size turned out to be much larger than expected.
Christmas tree in living room theme of red and silver mercury glass ornaments, snowflakes, finials, jingle bells
Decorated Christmas tree with red, silver, and white ornaments. Lightly flocked.

We have a 7.5 foot tree, and we definitely could have used more than 18 that went on the tree. I will keep that in mind next time I get a “set” of ornaments that are meant to bring cohesiveness to the tree design. I aim to have a very full tree one day!!!! Maybe even multiple trees eventually.

Our tree specs. I don’t see this same tree at Home Depot this year, but I see some that are extremely similar. So similar that I wonder if they just rebranded them.

I love our tree because it’s only lightly flocked. It’s more of a sparkly glitter dusting. Yes, some glitter falls off, but it’s totally worth it to me. We already have dogs shedding everywhere, so why not add some glitter to the mix!

Jingle Bell Christmas tree pick
Mercury glass ornaments on a frosted christmas tree
oversized mercury glass ornaments used as decorations above cabinets
I put the giant ornaments to good use by displaying them above the cabinets. I’d like to build more items into this display next year.

Other glass ornaments and Pinecones are from Target a few years ago. Jingle Bell tree picks are from Pottery Barn a few years ago (I love these soooo much!!!!), red Pom Pom tree picks are from Michael’s craft store in 2019. You can probably find items similar to these during whichever year you are shopping.

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  • Leah

    I’ve been looking for the dark red 3in mercury ornament set forever. I planned my whole decor around them last year and my order was cancelled after being backordered forever. I bought everything else to go with them and now I’m stuck trying to find an alternative that is the same shade of red that Pottery Barn has or else the look won’t be cohesive. I tried this year and found them with another website but apparently they sell them but buy them from Pottery Barn and canceled my order because Pottery Barn was out of them and they didn’t update their site from last year. I’m so disappointed that not one person had them on eBay or alternate resale sites either.☹️ I’m jealous.

    • stefsedge

      Bummer! I thought I saw them available on the Pottery Barn site in 2021 holiday season. Maybe they’ll come back again in 2022. They still have the giant 8 inch ones available which are the same color. You could try those, but they are HUGE. But also pretty.

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