Ceramic Christmas Trees and Ornaments, DIY Style

I have recently been painting ceramic things. There’s a paint your own pottery shop in my town, and you probably have one near where you live. Let me show you the pieces I’ve made, and then I’ll tell you about them!

They say everyone’s grandma had one of these vintage ceramic Christmas trees, but I don’t think anyone in my family had one. Maybe they weren’t very popular in Texas. Does anybody know? Anyway, I think they’re very cute and cast a cozy, colorful glow. Plus, it’s always more meaningful if you make it yourself.

Ceramic Christmas tree- DIY Paint Your Own Pottery style. Lights Up!
Hand painted ceramic Christmas tree in teal, blue, white, and beige.

I like to use a messy style with globs of paint and visible brush strokes everywhere. That way they truly look hand made. Plus it’s an easy technique do do! For the tree, I focused the darker colors on bottom of and in between branches.

Close up of the ceramic tree. Some of the paints have speckles for texture.

Here are the ornaments I did this year, 2020. I’d love to make this an ongoing family tradition that we do every year. These seem so sturdy, I bet they could last hundreds of years!!!!! Also, this is a great activity to do with your kids. The store lets you take everything home, paint it and then return to the shop, so you don’t have to be around other people during the pandemic.

Hand painted Gingerbread House ornament. Paint Your Own Pottery idea.
Ornament of my dogs’ paw prints. So precious!!!! Paint your own pottery example.
Ceramic Gingerbread man ornaments. These will be gifted to family members. I changed the hair to match each person. I think I got close enough!

Is there anything crafty you like to do around the holidays?

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