Christmas Ornaments 2021 – Balsam Hill Mercury Glass

Hi Friends! Each year I like to do a few Holiday décor related posts even though this is primarily a makeup blog. In recent years, I’ve been adding some higher quality ornament sets to our collection. This year, I purchased the BH Essentials Mercury Glass Ornament Set in Green (regular size) and Red (jumbo size). They truly exceeded my expectations!

red and green BH Essentials Mercury Glass ornaments
BH Essentials Mercury Glass Ornaments – Red and Green

There are a few more shapes of each color in the box, but I haven’t gotten a chance to unwrap every ornament, we have to keep all our stuff packed up right now due to a home remodeling project.

Link to Balam Hill Mercury Glass Ornaments, Green, Retail price $99 for $12 (so $8.25 each)

Link to Balsam Hill Mercury Glass Ornaments, Red Jumbo, Retail price $119 for $12 (so $9.92 each)

The pricing is definitely splurge-level, but now that I’ve seen these in person, I can assure you they are extremely high quality and seem like they will last a lifetime – or even multiple generations!

The green color is pretty unique, I haven’t seen a lot of ornaments like this. If they continue to offer these in future years, I’d like to add more to my collection.

Here is how they came packaged from Balsam Hill – I was also impressed with how well they were packed. This is the “Jumbo” size, I placed my hand in the frame to give you a reference of size.

BH Essentials Mercury Glass Ornaments in package, jumbo size

I think they had the weight listed wrong on the Balsam Hill site, so here are the weights that showed up on my actual package:

Compared to Pottery Barn

Because I love mercury glass, last year I purchased some from Pottery Barn. The ones from Balsam Hill are heavier. Also, the red ones from Balsam Hill are a brighter red, and the ones from Pottery Barn are a deeper crimson color. (Link to my post here).

Balsam Hill vs Pottery Barn Christmas ornaments - mercury glass red and green
Red Jumbo, Green Regular size, and Pottery Barn 3 inch

The Pottery Barn ones have a stated 3 inch diameter compared to a stated 3.0 to 3.5 inch diameter (probably depending on the design) inch diameter for the regular size at Balsam Hill. So about the same, but the Balsam Hill regular size sure looks bigger than the Pottery Barn ornament when I put them side by side.

Pottery Barn Adorned red mercury glass ornament compared to Balsam Hill Essentials green regular size
Pottery Barn Adorned red mercury glass ornament compared to Balsam Hill Essentials green regular size

Balsam Hill has several of their colors in a mini 2 inch size or jumbo 4 inch size. so that’s really fun! You could get some mini ornaments to put in wreaths or a mini Christmas tree and tie all your decor together. Fun times!

Link to the Mercury Glass Adorned Ornaments at Pottery Barn (red) $39.50 for 6

BH red jumbo vs Pottery Barn Adorned ornament

Hope this comparison helps somebody out there because it’s really hard to tell all the details when you’re trying to make a purchasing decision on things you can’t see in real life!

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for reading! I hope to get a few more holiday posts up with better pictures, but all our stuff is in storage at the moment because we’re having new floors installed. Can’t wait to show you guys what these look like on our tree! I also have a lot of makeup posts to work on, too! You can subscribe to this blog via email and also follow me on Instagram @stefsedge for more content!

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