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Lorac Fairytale Forest Palette – Swatches and Thoughts

The new Lorac Pro Fairytale Forest became available to purchase on Ulta’s website on October 20 – I had been checking the website mutiple times a day because I am super excited about this palette! Good thing I was checking the website though, because Ulta’s email notification about the product being in stock did not come to me until the next day.

This is my first time trying Lorac’s revamped palette. I’ve been wanting to try their Noir palette (link to Ulta) ever since it launched, but I never got around to purchasing it…other awesome makeup kept using up my budget!

Lorac Pro Palette Fairytale Forest retails for $35 and contains 18 shades. It’s a lot of neutrals with finishes from matte to sparkle with a pop of sparkly forest green. You know that’s my kind of palette!

Click here to purchase the palette from Ulta

Lorac Fairytale Forest palette - close ups and swatches

Let’s take a closer look at those beautiful pans


This first set of swatches was taken outside in cloudy lighting conditions.

Next set of swatches taken under indoor light bulbs. I think this shows off the sparklies a bit better.


This color story is so right up my alley. We get very light shades, very deep shades, some sparklies and some mattes. The price is wallet friendly at $35 compared to a lot of other mid end brands that are selling palettes in the $50-$75 range.

I love so much that you can rearrange the pans. Lorac also sells some refill pans that would fit into this palette. These are called “Pro Palette Eye Shadow Refills” and they retail for $8 (which seems a bit steep since these whole palettes are $35….but I digress). (Link to purchase refills at Ulta, Link to purchase refills at Lorac)

I don’t have a lot of thoughts yet, I’ve only worn the palette on my eyes once. I made a shimmery look with the shade Komorebi on the lid. It was a bit dryer than expected and a glitter primer would have made a nice difference. It did stay on my lids all day though with minimal fall out.

Like I said, this is my first experience with Lorac eyeshadow, so I will try to remember to come back later and update with my experience.

Palette Comparisons

You all know I love a neutral palette with some green thrown in. These are a couple of my more recent purchases that follow that color scheme.

Palettes shown: Nars Climax palette and Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotise. (See the Nars Climax palette at Nars.com , $49- I don’t see it on Ulta anymore…I wonder if it sold out, it’s an incredibly amazing palette). The Starry Eyes to Hypnotise palette retails for $75.

Palette comparison - Nars Climax eyeshadow palette, Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotise, and Lorac Fairytale Forest

Swatches: Nars Climax palette (top/ right) vs Lorac Fairytale Forest (bottom/left)

Next, Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotise (2019 holiday palette) on the bottom/left and the Lorac Fairytale Forest Palette. You can ignore that first warm brown shade I swatched for the Starry Eyes to Hypnotise palette, it was a lot darker than I expected, so I swatched it again next to more similar shades.

I think the formula in both the Nars Climax and Starry Eyes to Hypnotise is better….but those palettes are both a lot more expensive. The Nars formula, especially the shimmers is just stunning and sticks to the lids with great impact and very little fall out (no primer or glitter glue needed, seriously!). I can’t say enough good things about the Nars Climax palette though, but that’s a different topic!

BUT…I really think Fairytale Forest is a pretty palette, I just need some more time to see what it can do! I wanted to get these swatches up for you quickly though without taking weeks to try out the palette.

Eye Looks Using Fairytale Forest

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  • ghekate

    Now I want the Nars Climax palette. 😀 haha. I actually picked up the Lorac Noir palette during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty when it was half off. I used to like the Lorac Pro formula, and their new revamped palettes feel like a step up even from that. So when I saw Fairytale Forest I really wanted to get that one too. It’s so neutral heavy, which is strange for me to want, but it looks so pretty! You did an amazing job showing off the texture and gleam of those shimmers! My Fairytale Forest palette is scheduled to arrive on Monday and this post makes me excited for it!

    • stefsedge

      I really love the Climax palette!!! I’m not sure if the lighter mattes in Fairytale Forest would show up on deeper skin, they didn’t seem super pigmented. I hope you love it though!

      • ghekate

        Yeah, that’s one aspect I’ve grown accustomed to haha. I will most likely mix and match shades from Noir and Fairytale Forest together to create my ultimate palette!

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