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Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette – Swatch, Compare, and Review

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom 2 Eyeshadow Palette - open palette picture

Tartelette In Bloom by Tarte Cosmetics is such a versatile basics palette. I just recently purchased a replacement palette so I have a brand new shiny palette to show you in this post. I believe this is the first palette I have repurchased.

I didn’t lose it or anything, I just used it so much and so much time has passed that it was time for a replacement. That’s a sign of a true classic! I don’t know the exact launch date for this palette, but I see other blog reviews back from late 2015! I do think it was the first “high end” eyeshadow palette I purchased, meaning not from the drugstore. So, even after all this time, I think it’s important to give you my personal review of this palette along with a zillion swatches and palette comparisons.

The Tartelette In Bloom eyeshadow palette retails for $39 and can be purchased from Sephora (link here), Ulta (link here), Tarte’s own website (link here), and a few other retailers as well. This palette has been around for a long time though, you can catch it on sale if you keep your eyes open. I bought my replacement palette for 50% off directly from Tarte. Yay!

Tarte Tartelette 2 In Boom palette, pans only, direct sunlight
Tartelette In Bloom captured in the sunlight to show texture of the shimmer shades

Review and Thoughts

Great for Beginners

Tartelette in Bloom is a great palette for eyeshadow beginners. There are several lighter shades that won’t be too “intense” so you can really ease your way into using different shades on the lid. The range of colors allows you to experiment both warm and cool tones if you are not yet sure what looks best on you.

Tarte’s Eyeshadow Formula

The Amazonian Clay eyeshadow formula by Tarte Cosmetics is a bit dryer than some other brands such as Natasha Denona or Sydney Grace that are out on the market now. I still find it to work very well. I do think that the shade Funny Girl (bottom left) can benefit from a glitter glue primer to really amp up the shade and enhance lasting/sticking power.

The shimmers are not super intense, but they are medium intensity. The taupe shimmer (Rocker) is more of a satin type shimmer rather than a high shine metallic.

My Favorite Shades

The pans from my first Tartelette in Bloom are shown below. The two lightest shades got a lot of use even when I used other palettes or shadows because not every palette in my collection has a shade light enough for me to use for blending or for a browbone/inner corner highlight. The darkest shade got a lot of use as a liner and even sometimes to fill in my brows. The last shade in the middle row got damaged during depotting, I repressed it with alcohol, but it didn’t perform quite the same afterward.

Funny Girl (bottom left) is a nearly-neutral bright shimmer that goes with almost any outfit, so that shade got a lot of use also.

I’m finally learning to lean in to warmer and deeper shades, so I expect to use the bottom right quad of this palette a lot more in my newly purchased replacement palette.

Tartelette In Bloom palette - pans depotted.
Tarte in Bloom palette – depotted and well-loved

Magnetic ?!?!

Great news! Tarte now makes their Tartelette palettes with MAGNETIC PANS!!! You no longer have to destroy your palette to remove the pans. This also means you can switch pans around between their tartelette palettes to make your own custom palettes! I love when brands do this!


Very sturdy and easy to clean. No complaints here. Would I maybe prefer something biodegradable or recyclable – yeah, that would be cool.

Tartelette In Bloom palette - front cover
Tartelette In Bloom palette – front cover

Here is the back of the box showing ingredients listing:

Tartelette In Bloom palette back of box - ingredients list


Tarte Tartelette 2 In Bloom swatches on fair light pale skin
Tartelette In Bloom Swatches – Shade

Compared to other Palettes

Tartelette Juicy vs Tartelette In Bloom

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom vs Tarte Juicy palettes - side by side photo

I did a really extensive post on the Tartelette Juicy palette, you can find that post here. Here are some photos of swatches comparing Tartelette in Bloom to it’s pink sister Tartelette Juicy . Juicy palette also retails for $39 and can be purchased from Sephora (link here), Ulta (link here), and Tarte (link here).

Dior Backstage Warm Neutrals vs Tartelette In Bloom

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom vs Dior Backstage Warm Neutrals palette - side by side photo

Link to my full post on Dior Backstage Warm Neutrals palette here. Features swatches of 3 palettes compared: Dior Backstage Warm Neutrals, Tartelette In Bloom, and Colourpop Off Melrose all on my arm at the same time.

Colourpop Off Melrose vs Tartelette In Bloom

If the Off Melrose Palette is still available when you’re reading this, I super highly recommend it. The Tarte palette has shimmers that are more subtle. The Off Melrose palette has some shimmers that are really brightening and impactful. The deeper shades in the Off Melrose palette seem easier to blend than the Tartelette In Bloom.

Tartelette In Bloom palette compared to Colourpop Off Melrose eyeshadow palette.

Link to my full post on Colourpop Off Melrose eyeshadow palette here.

Bobbi Brown Nude Drama II vs Tartelette In Bloom

Tarte In Bloom vs Bobbi Brown Backstage Neutrals palette

Link to my full post on the Bobbi Brown Nude Drama II palette here. I think this palette is finally no longer available because it’s out of stock on the sites that did carry it. BUT, I thought this was a great comparison in case you did have either of these palettes. I tried to make a herringbone pattern with my swatches. LOL – didn’t turn out exactly as expected.

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