Colourpop Off Melrose Palette Swatches

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I can’t truly call this a review since I haven’t used it on my eyes, but I hope these pictures help those of you who can’t see the palette in person. It was available in my local Ulta store, so that’s where I picked it up for $18.

The quality and textures seem exactly like what we’re used to from Colourpop. What do you think about this release from Colourpop?

Colourpop Off Melrose Palette Close Up picture
Colourpop Off Melrose Palette Swatches by @stefsedge

Watch me swatch and talk about the palette:

Link to YouTube video show Off Melrose Palette by Colourpop with live swatches
Swatches of Colourpop Off Melrose vs Glass Bull and Snake Eyes

I was wondering how close the shade Fairfax would be to Glass Bull (one of my favorite single shadows from colourpop). The answer is extremely close. See my YouTube video for a comparison… I guess depending on the lighting they can look nearly identical. But then sometimes they looked different.

Off Melrose eyeshadow look using On the List in crease, Down to Urth in the Outer corner, and Trading Post on the Lid

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