Eye Looks – Patrick Ta Major Dimension Palette

Recently, I posted full palette swatches for the Patrick Ta Major Dimension Eyeshadow palette (see post). But aside from swatches, how do these shadows apply to the eyelids? I’ve now made several eyeshadow looks using the Major Dimension palette, and decided to put these in a separate post because the post for the palette review and swatches was getting very long.

Link to find this palette at Sephora, retails for $68

Look 1

“Abundance” layered over cream shadow “Woman”. I have to say this looked way more dramatic in person than it does in photos. This would be a great going out look or for something like prom/homecoming dances I think. Obviously I’m too old for that. LOL. For me, it would just be a really strong statement eye look.

The brush I used to outline the shape is a discontinued Sephora brand brush, but it is very similar to this E05 liner brush from Sigma. Then I used a smudger brush to fill in the shape, similar to this E21 Smudge Brush from Sigma.

high contrast look using cream shadow and topper from patrick ta major dimension palette

Look 2

This is a more typical “every day” look that is kicked up a notch by the sparkle. Is this a wear-to-work look? Probably not. Did I wear it to the office anyway to get content for my blog post? Yes I did. It’s just quite a bit of sparkle. Initially I tried to brighten the lid using the shade marked “Lid” all over which is a matte with shimmer. But it just really didn’t do much, so I had to add the light sparkly shade on top. The eyeliner is Blacquer Coffee by Marc Jacobs which is my go-to eyeliner lately.

Basick eye look using patrick ta major dimension palette
Close up of eyeshadow look using Patrick Ta Major Dimension palette.

Look 3

Using the shades Exquisite (lid), Scandal (crease), and Opulence (inner third). The dark crease shade was so easy to blend. Opulence, the inner third shade was used to brighten the look a bit. It hardly shows in this photo, but I feel it did make a difference in person. These shades make a sultry bronze look on my skin tone.

Eyeshadow look using Patrick Ta Major Dimension palette shades Exquisite, Scandal, and Opulence

Look 4

Another layered look. This time the shade Divine (matte with micro sparkle) is layered over a base of Lady (the lighter cream shadow shade). I thought the shade Divine functioned much better when layered over the cream than it has when I’ve tried to use it alone or blend with the other powder shadows.

Shades Divine and Lady eyeshadow look Major Dimension palette

Look 5

This was one of the first looks I did. I wanted to see what those matte-with-sparkle shades were all about. I didn’t love the look I created, but you can see the sparkles in this image. The cream shadow did work very well as a liner and held up all day. I didn’t use any kind of base for the mate-with-sparkle to adhere to….so I do think they perform better over some kind of sticky base.

Eyeshadow look using Patrick Ta Major Dimension Palette

One Trick Pony?

A very valid criticism of this palette is that you can really only get one type of look out of this palette. I tend to agree, there’s a very limited range of looks you’re going to get. However, if these are looks you love, then this is a great palette for you! I’ve tried to show a variety of looks in this post so you can get the best idea of what can be achieved. I think the creams are very easy to work with, I like those shades a lot and hope the brand does even more cream shadows in the future.

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