Sydney Grace Haul!

A very small (tiny) haul from Sydney Grace. The main purpose of this haul was to acquire the empty palette. My eyeshadows are so disorganized right now, I need to get some organization happening around here. Also, Sydney Grace usually does a Christmas in July sale. I thought it would be nice to gather my Sydney Grace shadows together, see how many there are, how many spots are left to fill in this 48 pan palette, etc. I need to be prepared!

Empty Palette!

This holds 48 shadows and retails for $14. That’s a really good price! They also offer a 12 pan and 9 pan version. But obviously those are for amateurs, so I am not concerned with those and did not even consider them. The smaller versions have been out of stock for awhile anyway. LOL.

The quality of this empty palette seems really nice. There is a mirror in the lid.

Link to this product on Sydney Grace’s website

48 pan magnetic palette from sydney grace.

Cream Shadow

I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time now. I chose the shade “Warm Glow”. There are actually many shades of the cream shadow that I’d like to have, but I’m starting with one to see how I like the formula I love that they come in a squeezy tube instead of doe foot applicator, feels more sanitary to me. These retail for $8 which is also a very good price.

Link to Warm Glow cream shadow on Sydney Grace’s website

swatch of Sydney Grace Warm Glow Cream Shadow on fair skin

Two new Eyeshadows

I went to their “What’s New” section and chose two shades that I thought I’d get a lot of use out of. I purchased Laughter (Matte) and Aim High (shimmer). I hope to fill my empty palette and do a nice blog post showing you what I have from Sydney Grace.

Link to shade Laughter on Sydney Grace’s website, $5

Link to shade Aim High on Sydney Grace’s website, $6

Have you tried Sydney Grace? They get rave reviews from everybody I’ve seen talk about them so far.

sydney grace eyeshadow collection in magnetic palette
All of my Sydney Grace powder shadows in their new home. Such a happy family!
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  • ghekate

    I really don’t use my Sydney Grace shadows enough, but I can’t stop buying their new releases. Are you going to get any of the Sydney Grace x Temptalia palettes that are launching today?

    • stefsedge

      I’ve really given a lot of thought to purchasing them. For now, I’m not going to. I’m not completely ruling it out in the future though. They’re all pretty colorful, and I’m worried I won’t use it enough. Temptalias eyeshadow looks using the palette have been really beautiful though!

      • ghekate

        That’s understandable. If I had a bit more self control, I would have only bought one palette (the one I know I would absolutely use unlike the other two). However, self control was not with me today. lol.

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