Dressy Casual Tops from Amazon

Best Dressy Casual Tops on Amazon

I have a love-hate relationship with buying clothes on Amazon. It can be very hit-or-miss. One one hand, the presence of online reviews is really helpful. And you can have your item in two days. On the other hand, sometimes the descriptions are super confusing and clearly not written by (or even proof-read by) a native English speaker. Sometimes the measurement charts are clearly, absolutely wrong. Sometimes fabric or stitching quality is really terrible – sometimes this is evident as soon as you open the package, and sometimes you have to wash the item a few times to realize what you have.

Yet, still, often I can find the type of item I’m looking for on Amazon when I haven’t been able to find it at other local or even online shops. So this is a list of tops I actually LOVE. Some I have repeatedly purchased in multiple colors. These are tops I wear to the office, but they are also super cute when paired with jeans. The other thing that’s been helpful about shopping on Amazon is that if I want to buy the same item months or years later, often the item is still available. This isn’t generally the case for normal retail stores that are always going through seasonal fast fashion cycles.

For reference, I am a short person (5’3″) but have a long torso and usually wear a medium or large in tops. Bust measurement is approximately 38 inches. And I never tuck my shirts in. LOL.

Milumia Cap Sleeve Chiffon Blouses

These come in a variety of floral print and solid/polka dot colors. I ordered size Large, but probably could have gone with Mediums and might do that in the future. I like to be comfortable though! So I don’t mind the extra room. The size chart on this is a little weird (which is likely why I erred on the side of ordering larger), but you should be able to order your normal size. Available sizes are X Small to XX Large on the floral and Small to 3 X Large on the polka dots. I also see listings for a similar item from this manufacturer in solid colors, but I have not purchased that, but I assume it would be very similar. Priced at about $15-$21.

Link to purchase Cap Sleeve Milumia Chiffon Pleated Blouse in Floral Print, LACE sleeve (8 pattern choices)

Link to purchase Cap Sleeve Milumia Chiffon Pleated Blouse in Polka Dots (18 color options)

I have Rusty Red in the polka dot and White in the floral. The other color/pattern options are fantastic on both of these, I can see myself purchasing more in the future.

Milumia Chiffon Pleated Bluse in Floral Printe with Lace Cap Sleeve, from Amazon.com
Milumia Chiffon Pleated Cap Sleeve Polka Dot blouse from Amazon.com

Youtalia Casual Tunic Shirt

I have this one in three colors (Blue Grey, Dark Cyan (pictured below), and black) in size Medium. It can be long sleeve OR 3/4 sleeves if you roll up and button up the sleeve tab. I’m short, so when the sleeves are unrolled, they’re a tad long on me but not terrible. It’s a “tunic” so it covers your bum, but not so long that you look like you’re wearing a dress. These have held up great in the wash.

This shirt currently comes in 19 colors in size range from Small to XX-Large, priced around $25-$30. Size chart provided appears accurate. The fabric is a lightweight polyester “chiffon”. Wears easily under a cardigan (when sleeves are unrolled). Roll sleeves up for warmer weather.

Link to purchase Youtalia Casual Tunic Shirt

Youtalia Casual Tunic Shirt from Amazon.com on a real person, front and back

SSoulM Half-Sleeve Stretchy Tee

The fabric on this shirt is soft and smooth enough that it’s dressier than a normal T-Shirt. Comes in 18 colors (I have black and burgundy (pictured below)) with sizes ranging from Small to 3XL. $12-$17. Wears great under a cardigan, and it fits snugly so that’s the way I usually do wear this item. Size Chart makes no sense. Both of my colors are in the Size Large, and fairly snug so I suggest sizing up. I just noticed the care instructions say line dry, but I’ve been putting mine in the dryer. It holds up decently well for an inexpensive knit, but the polyester options earlier in this post will obviously last much longer.

Link to purchase half-sleeve stretchy tee on Amazon

Now – fashion blogger I am not – but I’d like to think this could helpful to others out there who just need some cute/basic tops for work (or the weekend!) and are frustrated with where to begin getting them and just completely overwhelmed by the zillions of options out there. I’ve got a few other Amazon clothing items that I could share in another post if you guys like this. I have a cute cotton/linen tunic that I probably am going to share because I love it so much! Do you buy clothes on Amazon? Do you find it a pleasant experience? Let me know in the comments!

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  • ghekate

    That very first top is absolutely my style. I had to order one! I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “into” fashion, but I enjoy lookbook style posts and videos (I’m terrible with knowing how to pair and accessorize outfits). I’m interested in seeing other Amazon clothing you have! This was my first buying clothing from them.

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