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Knitting a Scarf

Friends, I have been knitting a scarf. Something about the cold, dark winter weather has caused me to get the itch to knit again. I haven’t knit anything in YEARS, probably about 8 years or so. I even gave away all my needles and supplies a few years ago.

But here we are, I’ve cast on a bright, cheerful scarf, and I’m determined to finish it. I thought this would just be a basic, get back into knitting project. But now I’m realizing that this scarf probably has as much fabric as a full-blown sweater. So it’s taking awhile. I hope to finish in about a month.

Halfway done now at about 36 inches long

I grabbed some yarn and needles off the shelve of my local Walmart and dove right in. I didn’t use a pattern or anything, a scarf doesn’t really have to fit your body. I did have to review a few Youtube videos to remember what to do with the yarn and needles!

This is just a 1×1 rib knit pattern – it’s so squishy! The yarn used is Lion Brand Mandala Ombre in the Happy colorway (link to Lion Brand).

Up Next

I’ve even been planning out my next project. I’ve landed on a linen top pattern that should be great for warmer months – Ananke by Quince and Co. Truth be told, I don’t wear a lot of wool, so I’d like to try some non-wool knitting projects. And although my current project is acrylic, I’d really like to focus on 100% natural fibers in the future.

And You?

Do you knit? It’s very rewarding to sit on the couch and be productive at the same time!

I used to sew a bit. That does take a machine and quite a bit of table space for your project.


I finished the scarf February 25, 2022. I love how squishy and warm it is. I could have even made it a bit longer, but I’m really ready to move on to my next project at this point. Next time I make a scarf, I’ll probably use thicker yarn and a looser gauge to make the project go much faster. But I don’t really need a ton of scarves, so I don’t plan on making another any time soon.

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