Linen Tops I’m Loving in 2021!

I’m having a bit of a linen obsession at the moment. Especially the over-sized, tunic-type variety. Such an effortless, natural, and earthy look to linen. So comfortable. While linen is great for hot weather, I live in the Midwest United States and we really haven’t had any warm weather to speak of this year! But I know it’s coming.

I also want to shift my wardrobe more towards natural materials, rather than man-made, because I believe those are more sustainable in the long run.

Land’s End Linen Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This is a pretty basic design in cut and style. But look at this rainbow plaid! I’m going to be living my best rainbow plaid life for spring and summer this year and many seasons to come. At first, I ordered a medium and large, not being sure which size would fit best. A medium fit just fine (as expected), but I decided to keep the Large since I really wanted a baggy, oversized style – more of a tunic-look.

Land’s End is one of those retailers with really good quality, and they have size ranges including Petite, Regular, Tall, and Plus sizes. Some of their clothes can be a bit frumpy (just my opinion), but there are also some real gems in there if you feel like you’re style is similar to mine. Also, Lands End is a retailer that frequently runs 30%-50% off sales, so definitely keep an eye out on the sales. The only catch is that if they have a SUPER cute fabric/pattern, that one might sell out before you can catch an awesome sale. That said, the top I’m showing retails for $49.95, but I purchased one at 40% off and the other at 50% off ($24.95 – which is a seriously good deal for a 100% linen top).

If you happen to be reading this post in the future, just head over to and search for “linen”, you might find something you love. I did see some reviewers of this top mention that it had been available in prior years in different patterns/colors, so maybe this is a recurring item/style they sell.

Link to Land’s End Rainbow Check Short Sleeve Linen T-Shirt (Also in Plus Sizes)

Link to Land’s End Deep Sea Navy Waikiki Floral (Also in Plus Sizes)

Land's End Rainbow Check Plaid Linen T Shirt

MiniBee Cotton/Linen Blend Short Sleeve Tunic Top (Amazon)

This top is somewhere between an oversized tunic and a dress. And I feel super cute when I wear this with leggings. I purchased this in the color Dark Grey, and I’d really like to also get the color Chartreuse in the future. The fabric is a bit stiffer and coarser than the light weight fabric of the Land’s End t shirt top.

I purchased this in a size Medium, which is the smallest size they offer. The size range is Medium to XX-Large, and I think the Medium is generously sized. If you typically wear size small or smaller, or are even on the smaller side of Medium, then this might be too big for you. But the good news is that Amazon takes returns, so you can return it if it doesn’t work out! Currently retails for $29.99.

Link to purchase MiniBee Women’s Cotton Linen Short Sleeve Tunic.

MiniBee Linen-Cotton Tunic Top with Sleeves and Pockets from

Amazhiyu Natural Linen Sleeveless Tank (Amazon)

Normally, I try to stick to tops that have sleeves. I don’t really love the way my arm pits look, and sleeveless tops tend to get discolored from sweat or deodorant. Plus, lots of time the sleeve holes are way too big or way too small which really matters when the fabric is woven. That aside, this top came in a lovely green color that coordinates with a short-sleeve cardigan, and I had an Amazon gift certificate, so I decided to give this a try. I’ll generally wear it with a cardigan if I wear it to work. I may just wear it alone if it’s really hot.

The sleeve holes are almost perfect for me. They’re a little larger than I’d like, but I think the fit is acceptable. I am wearing a size Large, and I’d say this top runs a tad small (which the seller does state in their product descriptions). Retails for $19.99 – 100% linen, sizes Small to XX Large. This is more of a tailored/fomal look than the other linen tops I showed. Like I said, this one will probably get worn to the office.

Link to purchase Amazhiyu Sleeveless Linen Tank (Shell)

In conclusion, these are four new linen tops I’ve added to my wardrobe this year. I hope they each last several years because I love each one.

Etsy Wishlist

For future purchases, I’ve been eyeing MANY linen tops/tunics on Etsy for awhile now. There are many gorgeous options, but they are mostly priced in the $60-$130 each range. I imagine they are very high quality, but it’s very hard for me to justify spending that much on one item of clothing. I just know I’d spill spaghetti sauce on it immediately, clumsy as I am. I still might splurge on one in the future.

Lots of these are made with organic fabric, and the color options are so delicious. They are so expensive though due to being handmade from high quality fabrics, I’d be so worried about getting stains on the garment. Maybe I could just tie die the whole thing to cover up any stains! LOL Or add some patches. LOL. Or I could just only purchase in the color black to hide all stains.

As well as being great for summer, I think many of these could be extended into cooler weather by layering a long sleeve knit t shirt underneath.

Loose Linen Wrap Dress with Kimono Sleeves and POCKETS $104.25
Basic Linen Tunic Top by Linen Bee Shop $110
There are even linen jumpsuits!!!! $133

Do you enjoy Linen? I’ve always loved textured fabrics, so linen is right up my alley.

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