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ELF SRSLY Satin Lipstick Swatches

ELF is usually thought of as a budget makeup brand, though many newer releases have people noticing some higher price points. The Srsly Satin line is their lowest price lipstick line with $3.00 each being the full retail price. During a sale (Black Friday, I think), I purchased all nine shades of the Srsly Satin line…..for $1.80 each. That price blows my mind, I had to swatch and test these lipsticks for the blog.

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ELF Srsly Satin Lipstick - all shades of the line scattered on an ivory background with packaging
ELF Srsly Satin Lipstick – The full line up

Packaging and Specs

The clear plastic packaging is super functional, you can see right away what shade is inside. I don’t think it’s too cheap or tacky, I think it’s simple and modern looking. It’s not luxe like a high end brand buuut, I also think there is no room to complain about packaging when purchasing a lipstick for $1.80-$3.00. Something to keep in mind. I do not believe this packaging can be recycled easily, but if you know of a way to recycle it please let me know in the comments.


ELF Srsly Satin Lipstick swatches on fair/pale/light skin: Sugar Plum, Cocoa, Cider, Nectar, Creme, Taffy, Pepper, Cherry, Persimmon. Studio Light.
Studio Light
ELF Srsly Satin Lipstick swatches on fair/pale/light skin: Sugar Plum, Cocoa, Cider, Nectar, Creme, Taffy, Pepper, Cherry, Persimmon. Sun Light.
Sun Light

Texture and Shade Selection

The main reason I haven’t tried these before is the shade selection. Most of these shades are PIGMENTED and INTENSE. And whenever I see these in the ELF Makeup section of a store, there’s only like one shade available. Taffy, Nectar, and Cider would be the most wearable shades for me.

Now that I have tried these, I would describe the texture very opaque, I would guess that nearly all the shades have a white base. They are not particularly flattering on my lips, but I’m nearly 40 and nearly always have dry/chapped lips.

ELF Srsly Satin Taffy vs Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Gracefully Pink
Srsly Satin vs Matte Revolution

The photo above shows ELF Srsly Satin in the shade Taffy and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in the shade Gracefully Pink. They are on a transparent background in an attempt to show that Matte Revolution is more see through than Srsly Satin.

Who might appreciate this product?

Young people with beautiful lips.

People on a serious budget. If these were the only lipsticks I could afford, I think I’d get creative by mixing them together and adding a little lip balm in the mix to get some more flattering shades for myself and a bit of opacity and a bit more shine. You could always top these with gloss to get various looks as well.

People just starting out with makeup who have no idea what colors look good on them. There’s a pretty wide range of light/dark and warm/cool shades in the Srsly satin line up. Purchasing a few of these on sale could give you a lot to experiment with.

Could also be good for stage makeup.

Not so great for people who want a really natural, barely there look.

Where to Purchase

The ELF Srsly Satin lipsticks can be purchased at

ElfCosmetics.com *AFFIL* (affiliate link, I earn a small commission if you click this link, and you pay nothing extra)

Amazon (5 shades available)

ELF SRSLY Satin Lipstick in package - all shades: Sugarplum, Cocoa, Cider, Nectar, Creme, Taffy, Pepper, Cherry, Persimmon

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