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Angel Nova Review, My Growing Angel Perfume Collection

I’ve been eagerly wanting to try this Angel Nova since I first heard about it. I haven’t been able to smell it in person, so it’s taken me a few months to make this purchase. Fortunately, Mugler released this fragrance in their smaller travel spray size which they call “Eau To Go” (how cute!). Link to product at Ulta.

Angel Nova Eau De Parfum Eau to Go travel spray

The Eau to Go is 0.30 oz and retails for $28. Interestingly, the same size for Angel Muse retails for $30, and Angel and Alien each retail for $32. You can find all of these on the Mugler website. Angel Nova is currently available at both Sephora and Ulta, and both carry the travel spray size. This purse spray is refillable which is incredibly awesome. So if you really love the fragrance, you can refill the bottle and always have a cute little convenient travel size to take with you.

You guys know I love travel sprays because I like to try new things, and I like to wear fragrance lightly (just a few sprays). So it takes me forever to finish up a perfume. I don’t think I ever have finished a full sized perfume bottle actually. I believe every brand should make everything in a travel spray size. That would be great!

What Does It Smell Like?

I watched a few reviews before purchasing, and people have said it smells nothing like the other fragrances in the Angel line. However, I was still intrigued by the fragrance notes.

The official notes are: Raspberry, Lychee, Damask Rose, and Akigalawood. I like all of these things, so I hoped it would be a hit for me.

Akigalawood caught my attention because it’s a note in the Miu Miu line of fragrances which I absolutely adore. My daughter says the Miu Miu fragrances smell like Body Odor to her, so I was really curious to see how that note presented itself in Angel Nova. Miu Miu fragrances at Fragrancenet. She says Angel Nova smells “Ok”, and my son said it smells “good and fruity”. So there you have it.

You can definitely smell the Akigalawood, and it is in fact similar to the note in the Miu Miu fragrances. Out of the Miu Miu line, Angel nova reminds me most of the Miu Miu L’eau Rosee which also includes notes of rose along with the fruits peach and pear rather than raspberry/lychee. Otherwise, the Angel Nova does remind me of the Miu Miu fragrances but more fruity than Miu Miu which are more floral.

Another perfume that Angel Nova reminds me of is Nirvana Rose by Elizabeth and James. Obviously they share the note of rose. Rather than Akigalawood, the other notes are stated as Vetiver and Geranium. But it gave a very similar impression. I think that Nirvana Rose is discontinued, but if you enjoyed that fragrance, I think you’d likely enjoy Angel Nova, though I’d say that Nirvana Rose was a bit darker/deeper/dirtier, whereas Angel Nova brings in some fruitiness to balance the sharpness of the base notes.

There is a slight medicinal note in Angel Nova. That has to be due to the raspberry. It also contains lychee fruit notes, but since I have never smelled that in real life, it’s hard for me to pinpoint how that’s contributing to the overall fragrance profile. This medicinal note is present at the beginning, but thankfully goes away pretty quickly as it wears. Like the other Angel fragrances, you really need to give this one a chance to sit on your skin for awhile.

Verdict: I’m glad I picked this up in a travel spray. It will take some time to get to know this fragrance and see how I get along with it. I don’t see myself getting a full sized bottle of this, but I might use up the travel spray. Now that I have smelled this fragrance for myself, I don’t think it’s completely out of character for the Angel line. It has a similar depth, warmth, and robustness as the others, but achieved with different notes. That’s just my take though! The way others reviewed it, I was expecting something super fruity like a Victoria’s secret fragrance or Bath and Body Works. It’s more like a Flowerbomb, but fruitier and the akigalawood is different than the patchouli in Flowerbomb.

This Is Turning Into A Collection

I mentioned Eau Croissiere, Angel Muse (Eau to Go), and Angel Eau de Parfum (Eau to Go) in my blog post on my Perfume Collection (February 2021). With it being warm summer weather here, Eau Croissiere is getting the most wear currently.

Is there a fragrance line that you purchase in multiple versions? I didn’t really intend for this to happen. These little Eau To Go bottles are like a gateway drug. I’m sure that is the exact intention of the brand – lure you in with something cute and affordable to get you wanting more. Plus they are really cute, they aren’t just the standard boring travel spray bottle.

Mugler Angel Perfume collection: Angel Muse eau de parfum, Angel (original) eau de parfum, Angel Eau Croisiere 2020 (fig) eau de toilette, and Angel Nova eau de parfum.
My Angel fragrance collection

In addition to the ones I have, I do plan to get the Angel Eau de Toilette at some point. I have a sample of that one, and it is heavenly without having the intense punch that the Angel Eau de Parfum has. The Eau de Toilette does not come in the travel size, so I would have to purchase the minimum size available which is .85 oz for $60. The Mugler site does run sales, so I will try to catch it at that time.

I’m also intrigued by this year’s release of Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette which has notes of coconut and pineapple. Like Eau Croissiere, I’m pretty sure this is a “Limited Edition”. I think it is. I think Eau Croissiere is supposed to be limited edition, but it’s still available on Mugler’s website. I don’t see it on Ulta any longer. Limited Editions are something I typically try to stay away from. I like to know that I can purchase another one if I run out or lose something. I also like to test and review things for my blog that people can still get for awhile into the future.

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