Knitting Update – Progress, Yarn Haul

It’s been three months since I last posted about my clothes making intentions, so I thought I had better give an update even though I haven’t completed anything since then!

Ananke Tee

I’ve been working on this Ananke Tee nearly every day. The gauge on this is really small (a lot of stitches per inch), so it’s taking me a lot longer than I realized it would. I seriously think I’ve put about 100 hours into this so far. The yarn is Sparrow organic linen in the color Fen, also by Quince and Co.

Doesn’t seem I’ll be able to finish this before July. I do hope it fits really well, I spent quite a lot of time calculating some fit adjustments (which I have no experience doing before).

Knitting work in progress, Quince and Co Ananke pattern, using Sparrow yarn in Fen
Knitting work in progress – Ananke pattern

The photo above shows the lower back piece (bottom of stack), two sleeves, and my progress on the lower front portion (top of stack). Soon these will all come together around the armpits and I’ll be working on the shoulders and neckline.

I am also learning new skills in this project, this is the first time I’m doing short rows, so learning new things takes extra time, but always worth it in the end.

I plan to choose some projects that will go faster after this. 😊

Yarn Haul

I also treated myself to a bit of a yarn haul during my birthday month. I have been stalking a certain color of this Pima Cotton yarn from We are Knitters, and I saw that it was 25% off.

We are Knitters The Cotton Pima Cotton yarn in color Wine. 12 yarn balls arranged nicely.
Pretty color

I saw this particular color, Wine, on the blog of The Knit Purl Girl, and it has been stuck in my mind ever since.

I purchased 12 balls of 100 g each, so I hope to be able to make 2 garments from it. Perhaps a short sleeve top and a cardigan. We shall see. Truthfully, I was a little worried that this color is getting discontinued and that might be the reason it was on sale. This color also wasn’t available in any of their kits, so that was another thing that seemed a little worrisome.

This is a color I love to wear but can’t always find. As of this writing, it is still available here, and they do have 35 colors to choose from. This will be so beautiful for late summer and fall.

I’m going to hold off on selecting a specific pattern until I can do some gauge swatching and see what the fabric is like.

Already In The Stash

It was on sale….

I’m trying not to buy too much yarn, but now I’m starting to see how people end up with huge stashes of yarn. At least it doesn’t expire like makeup! LOL. This yarn was on clearance sale at JoAnn’s, so I scooped up an unreasonable amount. Each skein was marked down to $3.47.

These are also colors that I love so much, mostly in the winter though. And the little bit of sparkle is a really fun touch. I think I’d like to make a whimsical cardigan out of this one day. Gonna be a while before I get around to that, though. Maybe next winter. Also it could make something really cute for my baby niece who will be a toddler by then.

This yarn has a high acrylic content, which I am generally trying to avoid…..but it was just SO cute and cheap.

Here’s an up close picture to show the texture:

Joann Big Twist Glisten yarn. Pastel colors pink, blush, purple, lavendar, sparkling yarn
Sparkly yarn!

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