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Wet n Wild Always Naked Palette Swatches and Review

Wet n Wild has launched a really practical neutral palette called “Always Naked”. I was unaware of this launch until I saw Jessica Braun talk about it. At the moment, Ulta is not carrying this palette, so I did purchase it on Amazon (link here). It’s also available on the Wet n Wild website (here) *AFFIL*.

The Always Naked palette appeared to have both some warm and cool neutrals, so I wanted to give it a try. I’ve been pleased with the quality so far. It’s good, but not great, which I think is very fair considering the price point of approximately $8.

Always Naked Wet N Wild neutral palette with warm and cool tones.


The shimmery white shade is sort of a topper, it does not have an opaque base.

Wet n Wild Always naked palette swatches on light/fair/pale skin
Wet N Wild Always Naked Swatches

Note about the silver glitter – I don’t see an eye safety warning on this palette, but I did notice that this product is labeled “Palette” and not “Eyeshadow Palette”. I suspect this glitter is not eye safe, but I don’t know for sure, so definitely use caution if you decide to put this on your eye area.

Here are the same swatches under fluorescent light:

Wet n Wild Always Naked eyeshadow palette swatches under fluorescent light on light/fair/pale skin
Swatches under fluorescent lighting

Compared to Major Dimension (Patrick Ta)

When I initially swatched the Always Naked palette, the white shimmer topper really reminded me of the topper in the Patrick Ta Major Dimension palette ($68). When I took a second look at these palettes together, I saw even more similarities.

Note that the Always Naked palette runs a bit more cool toned, especially in the deeper shades. For my personal preferences and skin tone, the Major Dimension palette is a bit too warm for me to reach for it often. The Always Naked palette strikes a better balance for me.

Patrick Ta Major Dimension dupe. Swatches of Wet n Wild always naked compared to Patrick Ta Major Dimension eyeshadow palette.
Always Naked (Top/Right) vs Patrick Ta Major Dimension (Bottom/Left)

Additional photos of the swatch comparison between Always Naked and Major Dimension:

I did not swatch the chunky silver glitter in the Always Naked palette for these comparison swatches. And I swatched the lighter/cooler transition shade in Major Dimension twice.

Patrick Ta Major Dimension compared to Wet n Wild Always Naked eyeshadow palette. Is it a dupe?
Major Dimension by Patrick Ta (left) vs Always Naked by Wet n Wild (right)

There’s also a rose/pink version of this palette called “Always Blushin”. I’m pretty interested in that one as well. And I do have a lot of pink palettes I could compare it to. That would be lots of fun!


I’ve been really enjoying the looks I’ve gotten from this palette. They are less pigmented/thinner textured than brands like Natasha Denona or Sydney Grace. I’m not sure anybody but me can tell once they are on my eyes. I haven’t had any trouble blending and lasting power has been very good throughout the day.

I think the quality on Always Naked is at least as good as, and maybe bit better than the last palette I reviewed from Wet n Wild, the Lights Off palette.

Helpful Links

Always Naked Palette – Purchase from Wet n Wild *AFFIL*, Purchase from Amazon

Always Blushin – the rosy toned sister to Always Naked – Purchase from Wet n Wild, Purchase from Amazon

Patrick Ta Major Dimension Palette – Purchase from Sephora, Purchase from Patrick Ta

My full post on the Major Dimension palette with tons of swatches and comparisons

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